Business English -
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English language training with a business focus

Business English is an integral part of the Direct English system which teaches effective listening, speaking, reading and writing in a business context. By combining dynamic course materials with face-to-face tutorials and workshops, based on real business scenarios, students develop the language skills they need to communicate confidently in an English speaking environment.

To complement the Direct English course, our Direct English Business English course was developed as a stand-alone course which teaches listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a business context.

As an English-only course, Direct English Business English is aimed at competent Level 3 / Level 4 students, or candidates with a similar level of English ability. Designed to seamlessly fit in to the overall Direct English program, students can step out of the Direct English course to take time to develop their Business English skills, before returning to the next level of Direct English.

Taking English language training direct to the world

With dynamic course materials and intensive in-center face-to-face tutorials and workshops, students will acquire and practise their new skills in real business scenarios with real people.

This approach allows students and corporate clients to be safe in the knowledge that they will be will equipped with the necessary skills to confidently operate in an English-speaking business environment. Whether that's writing business letters, developing telephone skills through to making presentations to English speaking clients, handling internal change management within their own place of work - the Direct English Business English course delivers excellent written and oral skills in a business context! Contact your local partner today to find out more.